108 Yang style Tai Chi

After a whole year of learning, I have finally finished my Yang style Taichi 108 strokes. My feel ing is very mixed at the moment. I felt the joy when officially I have achieved some thing. At the same time, I am to venture into the next phase, the Xuen Xuen Dao, which seems to me is less impressive.

After a whole year of work, I feel that I have progressed much, yet the fact that the Yang style that I have practised is still not applicable. This is because the 108 strokes is meant for practise and not for application, I still have to wait for another 2 years to reach the application level, after broad sword and sword.

When I set out to learn TaiChi, I wanted only the sword skill. I have never thought of doing the bare hand movement. But all in all, I have no regrets. While learning the fist, I have great improvement on my internal strength. I can now withstand other people's punches, resisting hits by broom sticks and chopping 2 bricks at one go.

Is this TaiChi you may ask? It is, as my master told me. The Tai Chi people learn nowadays has only retained the forms but lack the internal strength. It is only by combining the internal strength with the strokes that it would become a bigger whole. Do I believe in what he said? Deep in my heart, I do. Because I experience it myself. The way I play the strokes are different from that of others.

I am thinking of recording down my WaiChi 108, and for that reason, I have bought for myself a sort of a camcorder. I will give myself 3 weeks to paste my first clip on this blog.


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