An up-date on Hertz saga

The Hertz saga really put a bad after taste in my mouth for my Australia's trip. While going through the ordeal of the dispute, I have done some check up through the internet. It seems like I am not a lone, neither is Hertz.

I have managed to find an Australian Government web-site for Consumer Protection. In it was a link to Department Of Resources, Energy and Tourism. The website has also information about hiring of vechicle in their country. I am very surprise that there are well documented procedure to car rental. It seems like the issue with car rental is not a recent phenomenon but an on-going problem which was not addressed! What the web-site also contained is a link for online complaint on consumer rights violation (or tourists).

Anyway, after I have started my dispute claim with Hertz representative SurePlan. I have received no response from them at all. Since then I have managed to find out a feedback link on Hertz web-site, which I wrote a night time story ( I wrote the whole story at 11:00PM). I managed to receive a response from the local Hertz Customer Service Officer. In her response, she has sent a note to Sure Plan for more speedy processing and also requested me to be patience for 10 days processing allowance.

To be honest, it was a torturing 10 days wait with no further up-dates from neither Hertz nor its representatives. The amount might not be as grand since it falls in the 100s region, rather it is a violation of my trust to this vendor. The most interesting part is that the reaction to me is very cold and mechanical, like it is just another dispute. They must be very used to this.

At the same time of disputing the damages, I have also called up to my bank regarding this disputed payment. It is interesting to know that they have a department handling fraud transaction. I have lodge in a report since then. My bank has been more customer friendly it seems. Now the only question ?I got for myself is where should I go from here?


Blogger aelan said...

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Blogger aelan said...

oops sorry, editing:

hi there, i didn't realise you had an updated post on the hertz saga - had posted my comments on the old post, do refer there.

Suggest writing in to the authorities you found, or the Commerce Dept direct. The ACCC works with the Commerce Department, and as government bodies, they have the highest authority. they're very helpful and responsive.

i think if more consumers speak up, it'd help bring such practices to light.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Denzuko1 said...

Thanks for your comment on my issues. I am still contemplating on what to do next. I have check up on the complaint form and it asked about how I would consider the issue settled. Seems to me that the intention of the authorities is not to make any complaints a big issue. I will see what I can do.

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Blogger aelan said...

yes, we wrote in that section that we wanted all charges waived. Probably some people write in there what's the amount they'd be willing to settle to pay / apology required / item to be returned etc? I think the government is trying to be fair to consumer and business, which is a good thing, since there could be some dodgy consumers who may use and don't want to pay right..

good luck whichever you choose to do! All I know is I'd be extra careful renting cars from now on...

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