I have first read about this phrase when I was reading martial arts comics when I was young. It is one formidable stroke from the style "tame the dragon palm". I harness little thought on this phase until much later when I read Yi Jing.

Yi Jing is a very interesting art form. Many people think that this is mainly for fortune tell following the instruction of random throw of 6 coins. However, a more in-depth reading of the art. It describe situation, its development stage and remedy.

I am taking particular interest in 忼龍有悔 because this phrase will be used in the following 2 articles that I am going to write. This phrase derived from 乾 "gua" which contains 6 continuous lines. To layman, it signifies "ruler" as it is pure Yang. However, it will be interesting to know that every single line on the "gua" tells different stage of development. IT is also interesting to know that the best line in the "gua" is the second top line which tells that the ruler even though rules the people he maintains a link to the people, knowing that he is at the particular position because of the peoples' support.

忼龍有悔 actually used describe the top line of the 乾 "gua". This line describe that the person went too high up and  lost his link with the people. As a result, it is the beginning of the fall for this person.

Why I am writing about this "gua"? It is a recent event which re-ignite my interest, the Hong Kong Legislators vote on election reform.


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