Cow Head Protest saga

I only have 2 videos courtesy from

The first video is about a group of protesters against the building of a Hindu temple near their residents, although all requirement has been satisfied. They desecraded a cow head to humiliate Hinduism.

When the Chief Minister from Selangor intended to meet them to resolve the issue they have resorted to threat of killing the men and women who stepped into Section 23. One guy with pony tail is even seen pulling a chair away when an Indian wanted to sit down, causing the Indian to fall.

Here the Home Minister met the group and claimed that they are innocence of the act. Malaysia Boleh!

Note: The videos has been requested by MCMC of Malaysia to be withdrawn because it is deemed offensive by the authority. They are killing the messenger will letting go of the culprit.

This is what happen if none Barisan Nasional hold a peaceful candlelight virgil for peace and harmony.

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