Blue Mountain - Tranquility

Video 1. An edited clip on Blue Mountain

I did a business trip to Australia for their Gaming Expo 2006 during September this year. My usual practise for business trip was not to mix leisure with business. Most of the time, I would not entertain myself when I go on such trips and would stick to my tight schedule. This has something to do with my integrity.

This time, I kind of broken this rule since I managed to find a little time for myself. I went to visit Blue Mountain. It was quite a long journey, a two hours drive from sydney. The road to Blue Mountain was not very good for driving, not because of its quality, but I get a feeling of narrowness. Probably this is also because the car was quite big.

As I travelled towards my destination during in a spring afternoon, the air outside continued to feel cold. It is not to the level of freezing cold and is quite refreshing. In fact I have not enjoy this since my stay in England.

You would have no idea that you have reached Blue Mountain. When I reach Katoomba, the town situated in Blue Mountain, it looks just like any other town, quiet, few cars, and it is just next to the highway. As I continued to travel inwards, it turned into a residential area. It was only towards the end of the road that the scenary changed. No longer were there buildings, instead I was at the adge of a mountain over seeing a valley.

How should I describe the scene? I have seen the Grand Canyon on TV. What in front of me is exactly like the Grand Canyon, except that it was covered by vegetation. Trees filled the valley floor between the mountains. It is a beautiful sight for nature. It creates a strong strong urge in me to walk down to the valley, if not for the lack of time. The time afterall was 4:30PM, close to sunset, which was the purpose of my trip.

I love the place, and I envy those who choose to stay there. It may be a little inconvenient to get daily supplies, but the environment itself worth the cost. So shall I plan to move to such a tranquil place? May be it is time to do so. It may even extend my life span.


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