Many countries implemented cool off days? Bullshit!

I have been following up on the recent anouncement by PM Lee Hsien Loong to add cool off days prior to election. He has sighted the reason of reducing the risk of disorder for such implementation. All I can say is bull shit!

It has nothing to do with public disorder, it has nothing to do with letting people to be rational in writing their crosses. It is a foregone conclusion that such move is meant to give PAP an unfair advantage. To be honest, Who would in their right mind would think PAP play fair? It is by nature that people would want unfair advantage against their opponents and Lee is just doing what anyone would have done in nature. But the excuses given is really lame and hypocritical.

The ST further quote a few countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia having such policies. It is the first time I heard them having this!!!

In fact, I was in Malaysia the day before their election and RALLIES POPS UP LIKE HOT CAKES EVERYWHERE! Same with their by elections, you don't see a halt on last minute vote pulling.

The same with Indonesia and Australia, our ST faithfully reports on electoral efforts to pull more voters to their side. ST is trying to pull a fast one on the readers.

I think it is shameful for a mass media to do such thing to GIVE SUPPORT to its master through broadcasting of falsehood.Of course, ST's is not a servant of PAP nor Lee, everyone in Singapore knows that. Probably they are mis-informed.

Such moves, the news articles publicity stunts by ST to promote the hardworking PAP MPs while no reporting on oppositions and the "INTENSIFIED" MPs and Ministers home visits tell a chilling fact that the ruling party is panicking on the coming Election, which is drawing closer everyday.

For instance, one of the Minister just made a walk about visit around a month ago to my area with his followers giving me a 2 weeks advance notice, it was to ensure I would be there when he walked through the corridor of my house. I have never seen his appearance for more than 8 years I moved into the area.

Same with my mother-in-law who stayed in Circuit Road for more than 30 years. She has just been visited by her MP followed with an army of assistants. I was more lucky than her because she was given a 10 minute time frame to prepare for it, she was taking her shower when the messenger came to her house. I later asked her when was the last MP visit? Her answer was this is the first time.

The thing is that visiting is one thing, you inconvenient people because you make them wait for you, but as long as there are some benefitial outcome to such visit, it is still fine. I recall the question that the MP and Minister first post is "what problem do you have?" Seems to me that they want to solve our problems, or they are expecting us to want them to solve our problems.

If you believe so, wait till you spill out your problems! It is in fact a formality that they ask such questions. Then they will tell you that this is not their department, they can't help and and they simply wash hands on the matter, most of the time.

Seriously, if this is the answer that they give to the people, I prefer them to stop such visits. It is a waste of time and does not even benefit anyone, primarily themselves. Such are publicity goes wrong and it gives people more negative impression on them. They need to change marketing strategist for better effect ( look for me!!). I think their posters would work better than their visits, at least it gives people illusion that they are standing there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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