The Gathering (1964 clip)

Clip 1 Taiwan (1964) 1 of 3

Clip 2 Taiwan (1964) 2 of 3

Clip 3 Taiwan (1964) 3 of 3

I stumble across these three clips on I find it fascinating and worth sharing. The setting was 1964 and there was a gathering of martial arts expert in the scene. Each of them were displaying their skills in martial arts to 2 or 3 gentleman behind the table.

What interest me is what were the purpose of the gathering. The kung fu masters seems to have a lot of respect for the people behind the table. Questions popped into my mind," am I seeing a triad gathering?" "are they having some sort of election in the martial art world?" " are they there for publicity?"

There are too many forms of martial arts displyed and definitely not from the same klan. It is for me an eye opener and I feel that may be, just may be some of these forms has already gone extinct.


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