It is not protest that people migrate, but delusion of hope

I putting this entry as a response to Malaysia's debate of brain drain. The official arguement of migration was better life else where. It seems to me that such excuses are lame and only scratches the surface.

I was in Perth for tour during May this year and we went to a town called Mandurah. I was surprised to see that there are 3 Chinese Restaurants there with 2 of them belong to Malaysians. I spoke to one of the owner and noted that he came from Ipoh more than 10 years ago.

I myself remained a Malaysian even when I have stayed in Singapore for more than 30 years, I am a professional, Engineer in training and Manager of a group of Design team. I am married to a Singaporean and children with Singapore citizenship. However, my family's relationship with Malaysia ends with me, unless my children intend to migrate in the future.

The only thing pulling me back from converting is my root as a Malaysian. It is really not easy to make a decision to forego your citizenship, there is always a conflict with the sense of loyalty to the country of your origin.

For one to convert to citizenship of other country, one must really consider hard because he is letting go of his identity. Your new citizenship is definitely not as precious as your original one. Only extremity will drive people to such drastic action. To me, it is only delusion over the treatment by their own countrymen which will lead to such decision.

Malaysia while promoting its multi-culturalism, has always been a country of Apartheid. The worst is that the privilledged group who govern is with such incompetence and yet demand exotic treatment. What's more reason can one give to proof of delusions of hope?

One might say my case is different or exceptional. Well, surprise surprise, I have a few friends who are as exceptional and different as I am. They have studied in Singapore, worked in Singapore ( among the best companies in the world), married to Singapore wife and have chilren with Singapore citizenship. Not only that, the company that I worked in has more than 60% Malaysians, all none Malays.

While the Bumiputra Government may claim that these are of lesser qualification, the market claimed otherwise. I have met with a friend of mine who owned an accountign firm in KL furign 1998. Many Malaysians went back because of retrenchment in Singapore, and he commented that their performance was superior as compared to those locals. Singapore's migration might be negligible, the quality of the people it attracts makes it significant.

What's the minority ( it is now for Chinese and Indians )are asking for is not special treatment but fair treatment with equality. Yet the present Government acted like a lazy SOB yelling at his workers to accept unequal treatment because of their race and religion so that the SOB can drain more from them without doing any work. For those who migrate, they have enough of this and if they can't change the SOB, they make changes for themselves. For those who can leave, they leave.

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