Home cooked lunch

I read an e-book that I bought on the web lately on a slimming program called Every Other Day Diet. Basically it calls for one to staggard the type of food intake to full the body while depriving it on carbohydrate.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, alternate days, I am to eat food with high protein, low carbohydrate and high in fibre. Since the food outside mostly contain high carbohydrates and calories ( which is the diet for the next day ), I have decided to test the diet and did some home cooking for 2 weeks.

Fig 1 Black Pepper pan fried fish with vegetable cabage roll
This dish turned out to consume more time than I needed and the effect was not that great. The concept is to use cabage for the wrapping with fillings contain tofu, raw carrot, straw mushrooms, spring onion. Since I boiled most of the vegetables, I prepared a gravy using corn flour (I know this is carbohydrate, but it did state that "low" and not "no") with oyster sauce. As for the fish, I marinate with black pepper and salt, then pan fry with olive oil.

Unfortunately the cabage roll turned out quite big and because it is REALLY HIGH in fibre, it took a while for me to manage. It is difficult to break the cabage using my teeth!

As for the fish, I have put a little too much and the fish is rather salty.

Fig 2 Raw garlic boiled fish and salad with spicy vinegrate

This is the dish that I took today. Again most of the vegetables are boiled, icluding the straw mushroom, Chinese Leaf (cut into smaller size), asparagus. I have also used a 5 spice tofu, sliced thin and boiled to make it softer. As for the sauce, I mix the vinegrate with chillie power to create the taste close to Kimchi. Both Chinese Pasley and Onion are cut into shread but uncooked.

While I consider the salad to be quite successful, it is a little unfortunate that the sourness fall short of my expectation. A little more and it will taste more like KimChi.

I left the cabage roll cold but heated up the fish and sauce.

As for the fish, I boil it with the water I used for the vegetables and tofu and cut it into smaller pieces. I then chop some Garlic and mixed with salt and Extra Virgin Olive oil ( 1 1/4 table spoon ). I place the sauce in between 2 lumps of fish while they are hot. This in effect reduce the pungent taste of the garlic after it was slightly cook.

The whole meal is taken cold.


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