The cake from Art Pastry @ Upper Aljunied Lane

I brought my son to our regular doctor at an old estate in Aljunied today after he came down with a bad case of cough. While we were there, we visited the Cake shop next door. The name is Art Pastry which I considered was newly open considering the age of the estate. I believe it is opened here for not more and a year. It is a quiet estate and the only people crossing the shop are the residents and patients of the 2 clinics next door.

While looking for some pastry for my little boy ( yes, the one with needles and tubes poked into him when he was born ), I just happened to remember that it was November last year that I have bought a Birthday Cake for my daughter. I meant to write about the episode but was delayed by procastination. Since my son is now asleep in his bed, I guess this is a good time to do so.

It was during November last year that we needed to celebrate my daughter's birthday at school. One of the important item on our list was the cake and we were asking each other where to get it? Eventually this apstry shop came into my mind and 2 days before the event, I went to make an order for it.

Although it was very isolated, I was surprise that the shop was quite busy. They do not have off the shelf cakes and every cake has to be pre-ordered. The Chef also expressed concern that he might not make it. Eventually after a brief negotiation, the Chef think he could deliver if it was after lunch time (12:30PM-1:00PM). I made an order of a Chocolate Truffle Cake, my daughter's favourite.

I was in a hurry on that very day, after taken half day off my work, I have a few errants to run. I collected the cake without much examination. It was at my daughter's class that I have my first glance at the cake. The first surprise I have was that the cake looked really thin for a 2Kg. I gather that it is the most 2 inches instead of the normal 3inches. My first fear was that there might not be enough to go around with 16 5 year-old, 2 teachers with added 2 adults.

My worries were unfounded after I have my first taste of the cake, I immediately understand the reason for such thinness. The cake was compress and a single bit let off a feeling of richness in Chocolte in your mouth, yet the swetness is well controlled to my standard. It is relatively moist as compared to those made of standrd sippon cakes.

Another part of the Chef's winning recipes in this cake was the amount of Almond that he put in. It is almost impossible to miss out Almond with every single bite. The almonds added a crunchy texture to the soft sticky sensation made by the chocolate.

Other than that, the chef also made an effort to give enough decoration to the cake, so that it pleases the children.

On my way out, I met with a teacher from another class. There is enough cakes afterall to even distribute to teachers of other classes. The comments from the teacher was very positive and even she was surprise of how tasty the cake is. I guess my instinct was right on picking this shop. Perhaps the most valuable part of it is that this shop built on order, guaranttee for the cake's freshness.

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art pastry is under cjs catering..their food is awesomely delicious! check out:

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