Are Female Lawyers always that bitchy?

I do not have much opportunity to meet a lot of lawyers. Those who I normally see are the legal counsels employed by my company. My experience of female lawyers to be honest are not really that pleasent.

My company has so far been through 3 legal counsels, 2 of which are female. We were quite alright with the guy personally but as my boss mentioned, he is not that reliable at work ( keep missing details ), I guess his personality as a perceiver does not work well with the trade.

As for the 2 female legal counsels, I find some similar pattern between them, there are:

1) They love to talk telling people of their opinion while shut their ears on others;
2) They form a barrier surrounding them which seemingly protect themselves from being hurt by others. They are very comfortable behind a table because that is their fortress;
3) They will ask you what you want to discuss and when you make attempt to do so, they will cut in inpolitely, hurry you to cut it short and claim that they have no idea what you are talking about;
4) Rather than listening they will just tell you what you should do, let them know what you want. The irony part is that they don't listen when you tell them so. The best part is that when you need them to do something, they will ask you thousand and one questions and in effect silence you to give up on the request;
5) They always seems to be into details and fail to see the BIG PICTURE;
6) They show much disrespect to others yet demand others to respect them;
7) There is only one way to get things done, theirs, all other ways are wrong.
8) They do not and don't want to understand others, but expect others to understand them;
Of course this statistics are base on my experience of the 2 female legal counsel my office has employed. Others might have a different experience.


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