China's interest on Hong Kong

I was working in China when Hong Kong was returned to China on July 1997. I stayed all night watching the whole ceremony, looking at the British flag being lowered while China's raised on Hong Kong ground.

There were a lot of uncertainty at the time, many people were contemplating migration to other countries even before this hand over. In fact I found Canada flooded with Hong Kongers when I visited even during 1995. Instructions in Chinese words were seen even at the airport arrival at Vancouver. These people are worried that once Hong Kong is returned to China, the country will have a tight control on the city and they will lose their freedom. I believe that those who could leave at the time has already left.

For years after the hand over, life went on as usual and there were little difference between the old and new Hong Kong, like the saying goes, "the horse continue to run, dance continue to bounce". However, it is not until recent years that we can witness that the Chinese culture has infiltrated the political system as well as the government agencies.

To start with, the once proud Hong Kong police force with reputation painfully built up during the colonial period no longer exist. What's left is a police force which low quality cadets mixed up with thugs and triads, and the only person they answer to is the central government. They in fact no longer serve the people. There don't even seems to be the need for accountability when they err. So imagine what sort of "responsible" police force can they be?

It is also highly evidence that 中联办 is very involved in meddling Hong Kong's affair, especially in the recent incident of Hong Kong legislators vote on election reform. Its web-sites are filled with propaganda on Hong Kong's condition here.

Imagine that the first thing that 梁振英 did after being elected the Chief Executive of Hong Kong is to drop by 中联办 to let them know of the result. It tells a lot on what is happening in Hong Kong and who is the one governing the city.

The question is: Why the strong and urgent interest to assimilate Hong Kong into China? Seriously there is no hurry at all, Hong Kong is given 50 years of freedom by Deng Xiao Ping and it should be maintained as such. Yet the Chinese Government is so eager to make sure Hong Konger toe their line and claim loyalty to the Communist Government.

They have particular interest in making sure the election reform passes in the Hong Kong Legislation, again why? While the original election method cannot be said to be fully democratic with the candidates being recommended by a team of 1,200 member representatives residing in Hong Kong. It nevertheless post a certain uncertainty as to who are the finalist and who gets elected.

The new system on the other hand, seemingly provides people with the power to elect their choice of candidate, but with a twist, the Chinese Government decide the candidate. This in actual fact is a reversal to autonomy or Hong Kong. The Chinese Government wants to remove the 1 uncertainty which may not be in their favour. Once this structure is passed, which ever the candidate the Hong Kongers passed is in favour of the Chinese Government.

The Chinese Government as I see it has no interest in the welfare of Hong Kong, they are only interested in getting their pride and control, and it is in their high interest to fully subdue this little Dragon of Asia. To them, losing Hong Kong to the British as an embarrassment,  Hong Kong has to be fully become "China-lised". Mandarin speaking and using the simplified characters, etc.

It will be a pity as this will eventually lead to Hong Kong losing its charm and culture.


I have first read about this phrase when I was reading martial arts comics when I was young. It is one formidable stroke from the style "tame the dragon palm". I harness little thought on this phase until much later when I read Yi Jing.

Yi Jing is a very interesting art form. Many people think that this is mainly for fortune tell following the instruction of random throw of 6 coins. However, a more in-depth reading of the art. It describe situation, its development stage and remedy.

I am taking particular interest in 忼龍有悔 because this phrase will be used in the following 2 articles that I am going to write. This phrase derived from 乾 "gua" which contains 6 continuous lines. To layman, it signifies "ruler" as it is pure Yang. However, it will be interesting to know that every single line on the "gua" tells different stage of development. IT is also interesting to know that the best line in the "gua" is the second top line which tells that the ruler even though rules the people he maintains a link to the people, knowing that he is at the particular position because of the peoples' support.

忼龍有悔 actually used describe the top line of the 乾 "gua". This line describe that the person went too high up and  lost his link with the people. As a result, it is the beginning of the fall for this person.

Why I am writing about this "gua"? It is a recent event which re-ignite my interest, the Hong Kong Legislators vote on election reform.