Fish fillet and Zucchini in home made tomato sauce.

Okay, it taste better than its look, except for the Enokitake (straw type mushrooms). The composition of my lunch today is Zuchinni and fish fillet in tomato sauce. What I want to create is a tomato flavour sauce so to cook my fish in.

The ingredients as follows:

1) Zuchinni X 1;
2) Enokitake one packet;
3) Fish fillet X 1;
4) Tomatos X 3 (large ones);
5) Salt and pinch of dried Parsley;
6) Garlic chopped;
7) Olive Oil 2 table spoons;
8) Chicken stocks;


1) cut the Zucchini and tomato into chunks;
2) Marinate the fillet with salt;
3) Separate the Enokitake mushrooms;
4) Heat up the frying pan, add 2 table spoon of olive oil, add in garlic when heated up, stir fry for a moment or so;
5) Pour in the tomatos, add in the chicken stocks, cover lid;
6) Open the lid after 2 minutes or so, use a squasher to squash the tomatos into paste;
7) add in the Zucchini chunks, ried parsley and Enokitake, let the dish cook for a while;
8) clear a space on the frying pan, place the fillet onto the pan, then covers it with the sauce and some of the vegetables.
9) Covers the lid and let it cook for 3-5 minutes or so;
10)turn off the fire and ready to serve.

The water came out from the Zucchini after a night of cooling in the fridge, making the dish very watery. It would be best if served immediately. However, there is no artificial additives (except for the chicken stock) so the sauce can be drunk off.


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