My lunch for today

This is my lunch for today. It consist of a fish dish and a Lady's finger dish. The fish dish is simple to prepare because the preparation is very little. The Lady's Finger dish would need more work.

1 Tomato Fish:
1.1 Ingredients:
1.1.1 Fish Fillet;
1.1.2 One Tomato sliced;
1.1.3 Salt;
1.1.4 Aluminium foil;
1.1.5 Olive Oil;

1.2 Process:
1.2.1 Place the tomato as base on top of the aluminium foil, apply salt;
1.2.2 Place the fillet on the tomato, follow by some salt, then cover the fish with the rest of the tomato;
1.2.3 Apply a table spoon (approx) of Olive Oil, wrap the whole thing with the Aluminium foil;
1.2.4 I would normally use the Oven but in this case, I used the flat bottom frying pan to cook the piece for 10 minutes, turn the piece from time to time to ensure it is evenly cooked.

2 Lady's Finger:
This is more conventional way of cooking because I do not want to spend a lot of time preparing my meal.

2.1 Ingredients:
2.1.1 Lady's finger one packet, sliced thin;
2.1.2 one Red Chillie, sliced thin;
2.1.3 Tofu for frying, cut into cubes;
2.1.4 Garlic,chopped;
2.1.5 salt and soy sauce;

2.2 Process:
2.2.1 Apply oil to the wok when it is hot, pour in the tofu when the oil is hot, stir fry for a minute plus;
2.2.2 Add in Garlic and Chillie, apply some salt, continue frying for a minute;
2.2.3 Add in Lady's fingers, stir fry for 30 sec to a minute, sprinkle with some water, cover the wok for a minute to 2;
2.2.4 Open the cover, stri fry for a while, then apply some soy sauce across;
2.2.5 Turn off the flame and ready to serve.

After tasting the food I noted that:
1 There is still a strong smell on the fish mainly because I have not put any herbs or Ginger to cover the "stench". It would probably be better when Chinese Parsley is added to create the fragence. I would also normally add black pepper but my dishes recently has been using a lot of that and I want to cut down.

2 The Lady's finger dish is definitely less spicy than I expected, the number of chillie can be increased to 2. Further to that, adding dried shrimps would help to improve the taste.


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