Shreaded Chicken Salad - Chinese style

This dish is more of an inspiration from San Zhong Liang Jian's (SZLJ) Sam Sui Chicken. Some might be concern over how to make the ginger sauce from SZLJ, the recipe is very easy.

1 Ingredients:
1.1 Chicken leg x 1;
1.2 Ginger x 1 lump, grinded;
1.3 Romanian Lectuse X 1;
1.3 Sesame oil X 2 table spoon;
1.4 Salt 1/2 tea spoon for sauce and 3/4 tea spoon for stock;
1.5 Spring onion x 1 stock;

2 Preparation:
2.1 Chicken:
2.1.1 Boil up a pot of water, place in 3/4 tea spoon of salt and a stock of spring onion;
2.1.2 Place in the chicken leg when boil, continue boiling the chicken leg for 5 minutes, turn off the fire and cover the content for another 45 minutes;
2.1.3 Take the chicken leg out, shread it with hands. Eat the rest (knuckles and bones area) because your hands have limit and you don't want to waste the chicken;
2.1.4 Leave to cool;

2.2 Romanian Lectuse:
2.2.1 If your Romanian lectuse has been in the fridge for a while, it would be dehydrated. Take the lectuse, remove the leaves from stem piece by piece, cut into smaller pieces;
2.2.2 Soak in cool water for about 15-20 minutes, this will rehydrate the leaves to give the crunchy texture. You can also use the same technique on other leafy vegetables;
2.2.3 Take the leaves chunk out from soaking and remove excess water ( for best effect, use the spin dryer);

2.4 Ginger sauce:
2.4.1 Heat up the frying pan, pour in the sesame oil and heat;
2.4.2 Pour in the grinded ginger, stir fry for a while;
2.4.3 Take a scoop of the stock that you used in boiling the chicken and pour it into the frying pan;
2.4.4 apply 1/2 tea spoon of salt, stir and mix well;
2.4.5 turn off the flame;

2.5 Integration:
Place all ingredients into mixing bowl and toss, it will be ready to eat.


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